Summer 2017

2017-01-10 10:05:38

After the New Year celebrations it is time to have a rest and decide where to go for a holiday during summer 2017. This year Bulgaria expects a huge number of German and Russian tourists. If you prefer quiet and cozy places- book with us!
105 years ago for the first time is organized the first expedition to the South Pole. The leader of the expedition was Rual Amundsen. 14th December 1911 the five people from the expedition together with the 16 dogs reach the South Pole for the first time.
28 days to Christmas

2016-11-28 09:33:56

28 days left to Christmas. The most beautiful holiday. During the last weeks in December people are in a hurry to buy presents. We are offering you to buy a holiday vaucher as a present for you close friend or a member of your family. You should only choose a date and pay the holiday, and we will send you the vaucher. Do not hesitate, call us today.
Paper bags

2016-11-11 08:37:34

Nowadays we put all the staff that we bought from the supermarket in paper bags and drive it home. But do you know who is the inventor of the paper bag? Her name is Margaret Night. At the age of 10 she invented a machine for producing paper bags with a flat bottom. But as it usually happens in the real life another man stole the idea of the invention and made a patent on it. To visit you ...