Useful Information

If this is your first time in Bulgaria you should know that:

- the currency in Bulgaria is Lev/stotinki

- use the Banks for currency exchange

- if you want to contact your relatives you can buy a SIM card of one of the Bulgarian mobile operators

Important phone numbers:150 -emergency; 166-police; 160- fire brigade


Hotels in the region

Complex Elenite- 200м

Paradise beach-200 м

Cesar Pallace- 250 м

Airport Sofia

Bulgaria, Sofia 1540, bul.  "Christopher Columb " № 1
Flight information: +359 2 937 2211; 937 2212; 937 2213
VIP: +359 2 937 2191
baggage reclaim: +359 2 937 3554; 937 3555


Resorts in the region

St. Vlas-3 км

Sunny Beach-7км

Nesebar-10 км

Ravda- 12 км

Pomorie- 25 км

Burgas- 40 км

Airport Burgas

Bulgaria, Burgas 8016
Information departures: +359 56 870 248; 56 870 248
Information arrivals: +359 56 870 248; 56 870 248






Emine, village Burgas, Bulgaria

Emine, is a morphological phenomena which is the most eastern part of the mountain Stara Planina. It is 2 km south-east form village Emona, Burgas. It is stated as a sightseeing in 1976 with a national worth.


Sand festival in Burgas

special kind of sand. Special illumination completes the magnetism of the unique sand city.

Mud deposit


Pomorie is one of the most beautiful towns on the Black sea shore. This is an unique and attractive resort and recreative sport.

It is situated on the shore, 20 km away from Burgas and 18 km. away from Sunny Beach. The airport is 8 km away from the town. Burgas, Sunny Beach, Nesebar are also close to Pomorie.

The hospital for rehabilitation in Pomorie is 500 m. away from the centre and is the biggest mud deposit centre in the Balkan peninsula with a capacity of 1000 mud procedures a day. It is situated 100 m away from the sea shore, on the shore of the salt lake. It is a very attractive place for recreation and relax for thousands Bulgarians and foreigners having the treasure of the sea and modern building with high qualified staff.

Contacts: tel: +359 596 2 52 92


The ancient Nesebar


Nesebar is one of the most ancient cities in Europe founded 3200 ago. During the ancient times it is called Mesambriq, during the Medieval it is called Mesevria, and today it called- Nesebar.


In the centre of the Ancient Nesebar you will find one of the most saved churches from the Medival times-the church “ Hristos Pantokrator”. It has been built in XIII-XIV and has got a square form. It has been announced for architecture-building monument of the culture with a national importance.

Walking in Nesebar, the tourists could visit the remains of early Byzantine Baths.