Why Bulgaria?

The Bulgarian Black sea is an excellent place for your summer holiday. Cape Emine is the point where the mountain Stara Planina ends right on the sea shore and this separates the shore in southern and northern part. The fine sandy beaches and the sea offer opportunities to practice different kind of sports ( surfing, water ski, diving, underwater archeology) and fishing. The beaches in Albena, Varnam Dunes, Elenite, Pomorie, Sozopol, St Vlas, Sunny Beach and Sunny Day are with blue flag. The salt of Black Sea is very low. During the summer the average temperature of the water is 22-24 degrees, which makes it very pleasant for bathing.  

Besides sun, sand and sea, the sea resorts also offer walking, bike and horse tourism, eco tourism, photosafari, sightseeing. In the Northern part of the Black Sea there are 3 built golf courses which offer opportunities for practicing this sport at world level.

There are mineral springs along the coast and the combination of the natural beauty is the reason for the successful combination of spa and wellness tourism during the summer. The tourist can visit the five Black sea islands- st. Anastasia, sv. Ivan, st. Peter, st. Kirik and Julita, st. Toma. The resorts suited alond the Black Sea resorts are suitable as for the family holiday and for the individual holiday and amusement.


30% of the territory of Bulgaria consists of mountain. They are very different by relief and offer to the tourists huge opportunities for holiday, sport and recreation. There are excellent conditions for tourism during the summer and the winter. The ski season in the mountain resorts lasts at about 130 days. Hotels and the places for relax are many and offer opportunities for accommodation regarding the taste of the tourists.

Spa and wellness tourism

The tradition for using of the mineral springs dates from the ancient times. It begins from the traks who were famous as excellent healers. The “Sacre Springs of the Traks” became famous in the Rome Empire.

Only few countries in Europe can compete Bulgaria regarding Spa, balneo and wellness tourism. Having many springs and mud deposits it becomes the first in this kind of tourism.